Who we are...

Conundrum Coffees Ceylon is a small startup that was established in 2018 under the patronage of Shalinda Hewapathirana and Malaka Sahabandu two cousins who grew up together before going their separate ways in their chosen fields in Food and Beverages and Human Resources Management respectively. Having received extensive training and work experience in well recognized companies, they wanted so badly to pursue their childhood dream of setting up a business of their own in line with what they consider their passion Coffee and People. Wanting to live a purposeful life that would contribute to society, they decided that the business of Coffee and People combination is what would bring happiness to their lives and in some way to society at large. Conundrum Coffees Ceylon was subsequently incorporated as a registered business in Sri Lanka.

WHAT WE DOOur mission is to create profit by engaging in a sustainable method of deriving the goodness of coffee grown in an unpolluted region of the Earth and delivering this coffee to the people of the world whilst causing no harm to the biological, geo-chemical cycles of nature and the ecosystem of the region.

In other words

Sourcing 100% organic coffee beans from an unpolluted region located in the pristine mountains of a small Island nation formerly known as Ceylon.

Providing a means of earning a living for farmers who live in these mountainous regions through ethical purchasing of their coffee bean harvest.

Roasting it to perfection according to a secret recipe that had existed for centuries.

Delivering the goodness of this special signature blend of coffee to the individual who seeks to refresh and conquer his mind and body through a blissful cup of coffee.

Share some of the profits in projects that give back to society and the environment whilst maintaining sustainable growth of this business.